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EPIC digital reading

Epic is the leading digital reading platform—built on a collection of 40,000+ popular, high-quality books from 250+ of the world’s best publishers—that safely fuels curiosity and reading confidence for kids 12 and under.

E Books

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Book Free

Books free provides free PDF books for all departments all subjects easy one click download without registration.

Note: All information provided for educational purposes only.


Library Spot

Welcome to Library Spot, a vortia; ;obraru respirce cemter fpr educators and students, librarieans and their patrons, families, businesses and just about anyone exploring the Web for valuable research information. Thanks for stopping by! We hope that you find to be a useful, engaging and invaluable resource for online research.


Project Gutenberg


Searchable; thousands of digital books from the public domain; includes both fiction and nonfiction




Academickids provides a free online ecyclopedia.


OEDb-Open Education Database

The best online research APPS/Sites you have never heard of. 

Kids.Net is actually an Australian 'not for profit' kids safe portal run by a team of volunteers. The seven year old site has an encyclopedia among other informational tools. With one million articles on a variety of topics, the site is a good place to visit if you want child-safe and easy to understand information.


Infoplease knows the value of having sources you can trust. Infoplease is a reference and learning site, combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas and several almanacs loaded with facts. Our editors update and regularly refine this enormous body of information to bring you reliable information.

Scholarpedia is the website that is similar to the Wikipedia and works in the same format. It is considered as the free and reliable source for the research paper. It is much reliable one on which all the written material has to be approved by the actual scholar of thee website that can be cited while writing a research paper and authenticity of the paper is not questioned anywhere in the world. It has a large number of knowledge on the topics like a dynamical system, astrophysics, neuroscience, etc. which are considered as the difficult topics of the world.

Yahoo Kids

A Yahoo search taps into the 52,000 entries and 84,000 cross linked references brought together by Columbia University Press. Yahoo Kids is a good enough homework help site with tools like a World Factbook, dictionary, a Q& A service, and small sections on science and animals etc.

The most direct way to access the encyclopedia is to use the search bar. The information contains further links which can take you deeper into related areas. The language according to the target audience is pretty basic.

Homer Learn & Grow


The free printables are for personal use only and may not be distributed for any commercial purpose.

Sight Word Games for Kids

Sight word games for kids. 

The Complete PreK-2 ELA Learning Program.

A world of wonder opens up for children when they begin to read. Learning to read is a journey that children start very early on in life, but it takes several years to gain fluency and skill. SplashLearn’s sight word games make the process fun and rewarding for children. 

No Sweat Shakespeare

Read modern translations of Shakespeare’s plays online, for free.


Educational Site:  History- Science- Biography- Geography

Digital Prairie Explora

Free online EBSCO resources brought to you by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. EBSCO offers Explora which provides a safe, trustworthy environment for students to look up articles and facts for research papers, class projects or homework.

Oklahoma Digital Collections

Michele Seikel and Tabitha Manners of the University & College Division have prepared a list of Digital Collections available from Oklahoma libraries.  They provide a brief description and the URL.

Oklahoma Humanities Magazine

Oklahoma Humanities magazine fosters conversation and new perspectives through articles, interviews, and beautiful color images. From public policy issues to cultural heritage, you'll find an engaging forum for new ideas and productive civil discourse.

PBS Learning Media

This site lots of reading and math resources.

America's Story

America's Story and learn about the people and events that forged the nation. The America's Library sub-site is filled with interesting facts, and to get an overview of all that, read the Welcome page.

ABC Mouse

Full online curriculum for Pre-K through Kindergarten.

*Reading  *Math  *Science  *Art/Colors  *Music

The Step-by-Step Learning Path presents the full curriculum in a carefully designed program of more than 450 lessons in six levels. As your child completes each lesson, he or she is guided to the next one and is motivated to continue learning by’s Tickets and Rewards System.


Free educational videos.

21 Digital Tools to build wocabulary

Great websites. Check them out.

Shake Up Learning

70+ Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom

Use this list to explore apps you may already be using, or find new ones that will allow you to share easily to Google Classroom.

American Heritage

Searchable; includes photographs, artwork, cartoons, documents and pictures of artifacts.

Archiving Early America

Searchable; includes maps, portraits, historical newspapers, music, videos and writings of famous Americans like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Thomas Paine; also includes quiz games and crossword puzzles

Avalon Project

Created by Yale University; searchable; includes documents from ancient times through the 21st century; extensive list of collections of American, as well as international, documents.


Created by the National Archives (see); includes links to thousands of primary source documents, images, maps, charts, graphs, audio and video from the time of the American Revolution to the Contemporary U.S.

Library of Congress

Searchable; includes the following collections: American Memory, Prints and Photographs, Historic Newspapers, Sound Recordings, Maps, Manuscripts, Performing Arts, Film and Veterans History; note that not all of the content is available online.

National Archives

Searchable; rich resource of primary documents; includes Teachers’ Resources section with lesson plans, tips on using primary sources and information about school tours and professional development.


Quicklyst helps you take beautiful outline-style notes that help you structure your ideas.
You can use Quicklyst on an iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or Android device.

Beast Academy

Beast Academy provides a full curriculum for ages 8‑13. The digital practice includes games, problems, and puzzles divided into chapters and units that follow the same sequence found in the Beast Academy book series.


IXL is personalized learning. With a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner.

Khan Academy

This remarkable nonprofit offers a wide variety of pre-K to college-level courses, from 3rd grade math and high school biology to U.S. history and macroeconomics. Khan for Educators provides guidance, how-to videos, and tips to help teachers implement Khan Academy with students. Free.

Khan Academy for Kids

Inspire a lifetime of learning and discovery with our free, fun educational program for children ages two to six.

Prodigy game

Unlock extra features and fun rewards that help build essential math skills for grades 1 to 8. Prodigy is teacher-approved and proven to boost learning outcomes.


Create virtual classrooms and start assigning lessons and quizzes to all your students. Monitor student progress on our dashboard, or export scores and grades into Excel.


BoomWriter, a free, interactive, web-based platform for group writing that engages students in writing projects for all subject areas to help them improve their vocabulary and develop their nonfiction writing and storytelling skills.




This collection offers a variety of lesson plans and resources for educators to use to introduce children ages 5-8 to creative coding by challenging them to create their own stories, games, and animations with the PBS KIDS ScratchJr tablet app.

Virtual Nerd: Mobile Math-Middle School-H.S.

This simple, easy-to-navigate site provides more than 1,500 video lessons covering middle-grade math subjects through Algebra 2. Thousands of additional video tutorials support learning K-12 math Common Core State Standards as well as SAT and ACT math topics. A great resource for students struggling to master concepts or exploring on their own. Free, no account required. Also available as an iOs app

Do Ink

Animation & Drawing by Do Ink is the fun, creative way to make animations on your iPad. The app was designed to be easy for beginners and young animators, but with powerful tools for creating advanced animations.


With Green Screen by Do Ink, you can tell a story, explain an idea, and express yourself in truly creative and unique ways.


The CoBuild website and Facebook group offers a wealth of online maker activities. Even better, they include concepts from luminaries in the making world including Adam Maltese, Erin Riley, Joel Bruns, and compile work from the Amazeum, the Tech Collective, and other sources. All ages.

Maker Ed

MakerEd has compiled an archive of activities with a robust pedagogical and curricular foundation. It is easy to search and use, but dense with academic language. Elementary teachers and parents.


No list would be complete without this perennial favorite. Now in partnership with Harvard Graduate School of Education, the site includes an archive of activities for Scratch that includes 323 math activities, 302 visual arts ones, plus examples and stories to help build classroom community and support curricular content. Elementary through middle school.


While not technically a web tool, this free download allows students to create, alter, and run engineering simulations. Students can change gravity, add gears, planes, ropes, and wheels to see how they will interact —even add drag and friction! This is a very fun tool all around, but especially when thinking about simple machines. It would fit really well with adventure or chain reaction novels. Middle school and up.


The CoBuild website and Facebook group offers a wealth of online maker activities. Even better, they include concepts from luminaries in the making world including Adam Maltese, Erin Riley, Joel Bruns, and compile work from the Amazeum, the Tech Collective, and other sources. All ages.

Community Science Workshop Network

Enjoy free access to our project library

150+ STEM-rich, fun projects that can be done at home.
Google Experiments

This archive of experiments is a rabbit hole of awesome fun things. Curated into collections, the experiments are easy to use and share, require little to no equipment, and are deeply entertaining with a firm curricular foundation. I particularly recommend the Arts and Culture collection. Middle school and up.

Science Friday


Science Friday partners with educators and scientists to create free STEM activities, lessons, and resources for all learners.

Next Generation ScienceVideo for K-8

Get instant access to hours of fun, standards-based videos, reading material, quiz games, simple DIY activities & more.

Free trial.

OERB Homeroom

Virtual Classroom Interested in STEM learning and activities? Visit our Virtual Classroom!

Curriculum Resources: Learn more about curricula and find the program suitable for your classroom.

Workshops: Need free science and math resources for your classroom? Sign up for an OERB workshop.

Field Trips: Download your field trip forms and learn more about our partner museums.

Video Labs: Professor Leo is in his lab and ready to teach your students.




Kids Ahead

Kids Ahead is the place to find the coolest science, technology, engineering, and math stuff for kids like you.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring!

CK-12 for Students

Simulations, PLIX, and Adaptive Practice

We’re raising the bar with interactive learning activities and practice that adapts to individual student performance.

Ask Dr. Universe

Why Dr. Universe?

Dr. Universe knows that children everywhere deserve a chance to explore the possibilities in science, engineering, technology, and math. Science isn’t always easy, but Dr. Universe makes it fun. She inspires the next generation of scientists and engineers to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and ask big questions. She encourages children to keep exploring and discover the ways science and engineering can help improve our world.


The well-organized site from San Francisco’s Exploratorium investigates everything from skateboard engineering to cookie subduction (i.e., using an Oreo cookie to demonstrate what happens when continental and oceanic plates shift) It is heavily science focused and follows the scientific method closely. Upper elementary and up.

Connecting educators and parents with the tools and resources they need to help kids explore and understand the world around them. Together we can inspire the next generation to build a future where people and nature thrive! Recently recognized as one of 2021's Best Digital Learning Tools by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL).


Offering 130,000 online courses, Udemy is perhaps the world’s largest purveyor of online video courses. With categories as diverse as IT/software, photography, engineering, and humanities, there is something for any interested learner. Ratings for each course help users decide which ones to purchase. Bonus for educators - earn money by teaching on Udemy. A 24/7 Instructor Support team guides teachers in their course creation.

Open Culture

Open Culture curates an extensive set of free learning resources from across the globe, including courses, lectures from leading academics, free audiobooks, movies, ebooks, and digital textbooks. The K-12 education section provides video tutorials, apps, books, and websites for K-12 learning. Free. 


Coursera~Build Skills with Online Courses from Top Institution

Top resource for more than 5,000 high-quality courses from expert institutions such as Yale, Google, and University of London. A detailed search filter helps users home in on the courses they need to advance their school or work career. Take courses for free or pay to earn a certificate.

Code Academy

Users have access to various coding-related courses and languages, from computer science to JavaScript to web development. No need to get overwhelmed by the choices, as Codecademy furnishes a nine-question “quiz” that reveals your underlying strengths and which learning paths might be best for you. Free basic plan.


K-12 computer science.

Make Code

To support learning at home during COVID-19 school closures, the MakeCode team is offering daily live streaming tutorial sessions.

Microsoft’s MakeCode program includes both physical computing with the Micro Bit and virtual coding and app development. Easy to use with limitless possibilities, it’s a great block coding interface. It even has Minecraft coding! Upper elementary through middle school.


Techsmith, maker of screen capture software and solutions, provides tutorials and guides for its products, including Camtasia, Snagit, Knowmia, and more. How-to videos dedicated to remote education supply step-by-step instruction, ideal for online teaching. Free.

Have Fun Teaching

Teaching resources.

International Dyslexia AssociationLearn more about dyslexia and related learning disabilities through a variety of resources.
O E R Commons

Open Educational Resources-OER Commons is a dynamic digital library and network. Explore open education resources and join our network of educators dedicated to curriculum improvement.

Reading Teachers NetworkRTN is a 24/7 virtual resource for teachers of reading that includes videos of classroom instruction, webinars, articles about best practices, instructional tools, and much, much more.
Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a digital tool that allows teachers more in-depth and graphic control when using Google Slides. Loaded as a add-on, it works seamlessly within the Google suite to offers powerful student-engaging content for teachers.

Create formative assessments easily using templates that are designed to work at the beginning, middle, or end of class. From custom questions to audio additions, Pear Deck offers lots of personalization for teachers.

What is Google Sheets and How Does It Work for Teachers?

What is Google Sheets and how does it work for teachers? That's a term searched by many a teacher looking to dip their toes into the waters of free online spreadsheet creation tools. So if you're here, you've found your way to the right place as we're going to make everything clear so you can dive right in.

CK-12 for Teachers

CK-12 Curriculum Materials. 

A free assistant for every teacher.

Explore class-level insights and new time-saving teaching tools!

Teacher Planets

Ready to use lesson plan templates by grade level, subject area, or Common Core. Choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly templates.

Teacher Training Videos

This terrific site from Russell Stannard showcases award-winning screencasts to help teachers and students integrate technology into learning. Featured education technology videos include Google, Moodle, Quizlet, Camtasia, and Snagit, among others. Sections devoted to online teaching and Zoom are particularly relevant. Free.

Adult & Teen Challenge Oklahoma


We provide successful long-term residential addiction recovery and vocational rehabilitation. Discover our recovery programs for men, women, adolescent boys, and adolescent girls throughout Oklahoma. Our goal is to put hope within reach of every addict, so unlike some recovery programs, our adult programs are affordable to anyone needing help with their life-controlling issues. Please research our various programs and inquire to see which one is best for you or your loved one.

211 Oklahoma 2-1-1 Oklahoma will enable everyone to get help or provide help. 2-1-1 Oklahoma offers information and referral across the spectrum of human need, including but not limited to rental assistance, food pantries, affordable housing, health resources, child care, after-school programs, caregiver support, financial programs, literacy, and job programs.

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